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Cryptocurrencies have turned the finance sector upside down, and it has also impacted payment methods. With the increasing usage of cryptocurrencies among the people, merchants have started to accept payments with cryptocurrencies. Like many other payment gateways for fiat money, crypto payment gateways have also started to enter the market. A large number of vendors or merchants are looking forward to including crypto payments in their business which eventually has given opportunities to crypto payment gateway businesses. It's high time if an entrepreneur or business person starts a crypto payment gateway business now, then it is very evident that he would reach success within a short span of time as the competition for it is very few. Let us see how to start a crypto payment gateway business efficiently.

How to Start a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Business?

Crypto payment gateway development can be attained by two methods which are either by creating it from the scratch on your own or by utilizing the white-label crypto payment gateway software. These two methods have various dissimilarities let us get into the details of it.

i) Scratch Method

To develop a crypto payment gateway from the scratch, you need to hire various technical teams like developers, blockchain experts, testing engineers, and designers, this is to ensure the development is completed without any hassles. This may sound easy to hear, but in practical, hiring these teams would cost a lot of time, effort, and money to put into it. Each and every bit of the development must be done cautiously, even if a small thing goes wrong it takes more time to recover it. This is the main reason why many prefer going for white-label crypto payment gateway development.

ii) White-label Crypto Payment Gateway Software

A white-label crypto payment gateway is ready-made software that is packed with all the features and security options that are required in the development of a crypto payment gateway. It is edge-to-edge customizable depending upon your business requirements and easily deployable within a short span of time. As it is pre-made software, the cost of it is also very less when compared to the cost of developing it from the scratch. You will have after-deployment support, so you need not worry about any issues. We’ll look into the features that you’ll get in the white-label crypto payment gateway.

Admin features

  • View user deposit and withdrawal history
  • Merchant payment history
  • Merchant details
  • Support system
  • Admin dashboard
  • Admin sign-in
  • View users
  • API category
  • Security settings.

Merchant Features

  • My profile
  • Dashboard
  • Wallet with withdrawal functionality
  • Deposit and withdrawal history
  • API key generation
  • Account settings
  • Home page
  • User sign-in/sign up
  • Transaction history
  • Merchant tools.

Benefits of White-label Crypto Payment Gateway

  • Interface: Both the user and admin dashboard interface is user-friendly to enhance the user experience.
  • Feature: It comes with a bundle of exciting features and security options so that there won’t be any security concerns for both admin and user.
  • Time: It takes very little time to deploy, you can launch your crypto payment gateway can be launched within 10 days.
  • Customize: Every bit of the white-label crypto payment gateway software is customizable based on the business necessities.
  • ROI: You can easily integrate numerous ROI features in the white-label software.
  • Support: After the deployment of your crypto payment gateway, you will have after-deployment support if any issue arises.

We’ve seen the features and benefits of starting a cryptocurrency payment gateway business using white-label crypto payment gateway software. Let us now look into the cost of it so that you’ll be aware of everything about the white-label solution.

Cost of a White-label Crypto Payment Gateway Software

The cost of starting a business shares an important space in its development and when it comes to crypto payment gateway business, as we have seen earlier, developing from scratch costs a huge sum of money. Whereas white-label crypto payment gateway software’s cost ranges from 5k USD to 10k USD, which is multiple times lesser than the scratch cost.

CoinsQueens Furnishes Flawless White-label Crypto Payment Gateway Development

CoinsQueens is one of the most prominent white-label crypto payment gateway service providers in the market. They have an experienced team of blockchain experts, programmers, designers, and testing engineers. Despite working with a highly experienced group of technical experts, we offer white-label solutions at a much lesser price. We’ll provide a personalized white-label crypto payment gateway development based on your needs. You can launch your crypto payment gateway within a week with our white-label solution. If you are planning to start a crypto payment gateway business, get in touch with us, and we’ll provide you with complete support for your cryptocurrency payment gateway business.

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