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Poloniex clone script

In this digital era, cryptocurrency has anchored its base very strongly, which in the future is expected to rise tremendously. After witnessing the growth of cryptocurrencies, people’s investments in cryptocurrencies are also becoming huge. This simultaneous growth has attracted many entrepreneurs, and they are interested in stepping into the crypto world. Even though various crypto business modules are available in the crypto market, most cryptopreneurs prefer the crypto exchange business. You might ask why?

As crypto exchange platforms serve as the backbone of the crypto market, the demand for crypto exchange will not decrease. In addition to that, the crypto exchange platform has multiple revenue-generating models, and you can launch it very quickly in a secure way. Among the popular cryptocurrency exchanges, Poloniex is a well-known order book-based crypto exchange that many startups are willing to start like one. Here in this blog, we will be exploring pretty much everything about starting a crypto exchange like Poloniex using the Poloniex clone script.

Overview of Poloniex Crypto Exchange

Poloniex is a US-based crypto exchange platform that works on the Orders book working module. It is a centralized crypto exchange platform. The match engine in the orders book automatically matches the buyer and seller’s order and the transaction process is also instant. This attracts various traders to their exchange. Poloniex exchange supports various cryptocurrencies and also fiat currencies. They provide all-time customer support to their users. There is no wonder that this crypto exchange has a huge fan base, right? This is one of the major reasons why many startups are willing to launch a crypto exchange like Poloniex. Is this the only reason? Nope!

Why start a crypto exchange like Poloniex

Many entrepreneurs wish to start their crypto exchange business like Poloniex exchange. The reasons are that it allows fiat to crypto and also crypto to crypto trading, this makes many users buy crypto easily on their platform. It has various revenue-generating models which are an advantage for the admin or entrepreneur, who wishes to start a crypto exchange like Poloniex. It also has a user-friendly interface. Currently, it has many active users which increases its name among the other crypto exchanges.

Now you will have an idea of why you have to launch a crypto exchange like Poloniex. You can launch a crypto exchange similar to Poloniex with the help of a readymade Poloniex clone script.

Poloniex clone script

Poloniex clone script is also called Poloniex clone software, this is a method by which you can create your crypto exchange platform like Poloniex. It is a ready-made software that is tested and it is a replica of the Poloniex exchange. You can instantly launch your exchange within 10 days. It comprises all basic and advanced features. It is customizable based on your business requirements and more importantly, it is much more cost-effective when compared to other methods. If you create your exchange by other methods, it requires more resources and money to complete, and also it comes with various security issues, which is why entrepreneurs don’t prefer those methods. Using a Poloniex clone script for creating a crypto exchange like Poloniex is the wise decision that any entrepreneur would take.

Let us know, more about, How a Poloniex clone script works?

How does the Poloniex clone script work?

  1. First, the user needs to register in your crypto exchange and create an account with the help of the user’s Email ID.
  2. Then a verification mail will be sent to the respective mail Id that consists of a link, and clicking on which the registration process will be completed.
  3. Account will be created on the successful completion of the registration process. Then the user needs to complete the KYC process.
  4. After the KYC is completed they can start the trading process.
  5. To trade using fiat currencies, the user has to link their bank account to their crypto exchange.
  6. Several ways are available in the Kraken clone script, so the user can find the method by which he needs to trade.
  7. Once the trading process is completed, the coin will be sent to the buyer’s wallet.
  8. Each transaction has a transaction fee that goes to the admin, after every transaction.

Business benefits of using the Poloniex clone script

When getting into the business every entrepreneur’s first thought will be about the business benefits that they get from it. In this Poloniex crypto clone script, you will be having several benefits that are beneficial for the growth of your crypto exchange business like Poloniex.

  • Customization: A Poloniex clone script is fully customizable so that you can easily customize everything based on your business requirements.
  • Period: It is a pre-made software that takes less time to launch, you can launch it within 10 days
  • Interface: It has a user-friendly interface that especially attracts many users for your exchange.
  • Cost: If you create a crypto exchange from scratch it takes more investment but, if you get a clone script it is much more cost-effective.
  • Support: After deployment support is available in getting a Poloniex clone script.
  • Revenue models: Various revenue-generating models are available in the Poloniex clone script.
  • Features: Poloniex clone script comprises all the features from basic to advanced level.
  • Admin access: The admin has the access to monitor the transactions.
  • Services: Poloniex clone script also comes with the Poloniex clone app.

Since we have got an idea about the Poloniex clone script, and its business benefits. Now it is time to know about the prime features and security features of the Poloniex clone script. As the features and the security options you have implemented can benefit your crypto exchange to gain more potential crypto traders. So, be sure that you get the essential features for your crypto exchange development.

Prominent features of Poloniex clone script

  • Crypto exchange mobile Application for IOS and Android
  • Unlimited currency exchange pair
  • Live trading charts
  • OTC desk
  • IEO Integrated Module
  • Third-Party API integration
  • White Labelling Services
  • Order Book System
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) integration
  • Crypto payment gateway
  • Staking
  • Market Making
  • Liquidity API
  • Futures trading
  • Margin Trading
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet integration.

Security features of Poloniex clone software

  • HTTPs authentication
  • SSL encryption
  • Data encryption
  • Jail login
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Email and SMS based verification
  • Multi-signature wallet
  • CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery)
  • SSRF Protection (Service-Side Request Forgery)
  • Anti-DDoS (Anti-Distributed Denial of Service).

Poloniex Clone App Development

Nowadays people expect every other service in the mobile application format. So it is also an important task that we should consider while getting into the business. The Poloniex clone app also plays an important role in the success of a crypto exchange business like Poloniex. Because even though you have a well-developed crypto exchange platform people find it very easy to trade in apps. Poloniex clone app provides a user-friendly interface and easy trading options which makes the transactions much faster. This attracts many users and contributes more to the growth of your crypto exchange platform like Poloniex.

Why choose us for your Poloniex clone script?

CoinsQueens provides you with the best Poloniex clone script that has all the basic and advanced features of the Poloniex exchange. We provide customization options and also after-deployment support for our clients. With this, you can customize your exchange based on your requirements. We will be delivering the product within 10 days, and you can instantly launch your crypto exchange platform. In CoinsQueens, we have a proficient team of blockchain experts, blockchain developers, and designers who constantly work on providing the best quality Poloniex clone script. To get the best Poloniex clone script, get in touch with our team, convey your business requirements, and we will provide our best services.

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