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Luno clone script

More and more crypto exchanges are evolving around the world due to the huge turnovers from the crypto exchanges. It is the only source of medium between the buyer and seller for trading cryptocurrencies. So the growth of cryptocurrencies is simultaneously increasing the demand for crypto exchange platforms. Various businesses around cryptos are highly profitable, but many prefer starting a crypto exchange platform over other business models. The reason is that, comparatively, starting a crypto exchange business is much easier than others. It requires fewer resources and requires only a considerable investment to get into the crypto exchange business.

When planning to enter into the crypto exchange business, many entrepreneurs prefer to start a crypto exchange like a well-recognized and successfully running exchange platform. One such crypto exchange platform that entrepreneurs prefer is the LUNO crypto exchange platform. There are various reasons for entrepreneurs to prefer the Luno crypto exchange over others.

Why start a crypto exchange platform like Luno

Luno crypto exchange platform is a centralized exchange that works in the user-to-admin working model, which has an attractive admin dashboard and a user-friendly interface. The transaction fees are lower than other exchanges. It is one of the crypto exchange platforms that is known for its security, and the transactions are much faster. Luno supports many major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, and many more. It allows fiat-crypto and crypto to crypto trading as well. There are millions of active users in Luno with one of the large userbase crypto exchange platforms. Apart from these attractive factors, It has high ROI features, which in turn profits the exchange owner a lot. This makes the entrepreneurs think of starting an exchange platform like Luno. To start a crypto exchange like Luno, you will need the Luno clone script. Let us get started with, what is a Luno clone script furthermore.

Luno clone script

A Luno script is the facsimile of the Luno crypto exchange platform. It has all the default features and advanced features with an attractive interface. It is encompassed with high-end security features that ensure the safety of your exchange. Luno clone script is an end-to-end customizable script based on business requirements. It takes less than 10 days to deploy because it has been already designed and tested, which makes it bug-free. When compared to other methods getting the Luno clone script is much more budget-friendly for an entrepreneur. You can also create a crypto exchange platform like Luno from scratch on your own, but the fact is, it requires a large number of resources and investment, which is not an easier option. Even if you have all the resources you need, the security of your exchange will be at risk because of various security concerns. This has made the entrepreneurs prefer the Luno clone script to start their business like Luno. Check out the features that come with the Luno clone script.

Unique features of Luno clone script

  • Admin dashboard and user dashboard
  • Multi-lingual support
  • IEO module
  • Liquidity API
  • Trade engine
  • Automatic KYC/AML verifications
  • Limit order, Market order, and Stop order
  • Order book system
  • Margin trading
  • Referral program
  • Spot trading
  • Crypto Payment gateway integration
  • Site API
  • Multi-Cryptocurrency wallet integration
  • Instant buy/sell.

Security features of Luno clone script

When starting a crypto business, particularly a crypto exchange business requires high security. Because only if a crypto exchange is secure it will increase the trust among the users and will eventually enlarge the userbase of the exchange.

  • Data encryption
  • SSL Encryption
  • Multi-Sig Wallet consolidation.
  • Faster KYC/AML authentication.
  • Anti-DDoS (Anti-Distributed Denial of Service).
  • Cross-Site forgery protection (CSRF)
  • Two-factor Authentication.
  • E-Mail or SMS based verification method
  • Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) protection
  • HTTPs authentication
  • Jail login.

Benefits of Luno clone script

  • Security: The high-end security features make your exchange more secure and stay away from various security issues.
  • Interface: Luno clone script has a unique admin dashboard and user-friendly interface.
  • Customizable: You can add or remove features based on your requirements using its end-to-end customization option.
  • Time: Luno clone script is a ready-made script, and deploying it won’t take more than 10 days.
  • Features: It is a conglomeration of both default and advanced features based on the market update.
  • Price: The price point of the Luno clone script falls under the budget-friendly category. Particularly when compared to creating it from scratch, the price difference is a lot lesser.
  • Support: After deploying the Luno clone script, support will be available if there is a need after deployment.
  • Bug-free: Luno clone script is a previously tested script which makes it completely bug-free.

How does a Luno clone script work?

  1. To get started with trading in your exchange like Luno, the user need to have an account in the exchange. So, as the first step, the user needs to create an account.
  2. As a result of creating the account, a mail will be sent to the registered user’s Email Id consisting of a verification link.
  3. After verifying the account, it will be redirected to the exchange requesting sign-in.
  4. The next step is to fulfill the KYC norms by submitting government-authorized certificates.
  5. Then the user needs to link the bank accounts to move on with the trading process.
  6. To start the trading process, the user has to choose the trading method and start the trading process.
  7. Once the payment has been completed, the buyer and the seller receive their respective crypto of money.
  8. At the successful completion of every transaction, the exchange owner receives an amount or fees that have been collected from the traders.

Luno clone app development

A crypto exchange’s success depends on the quality of the website and the mobile application. Because in this digital world, most people depend on smartphones and expect everything easily accessible through apps. This fact makes Luno clone app development equally important for the success of the crypto exchange platform like Luno. Luno clone app supports both android and ios. It has all the exciting features and attractive interfaces that exist in the original Luno app. Let us see the features of the Luno clone app.

Admin panel

  • View user wise trade history
  • KYC management
  • Leverage commission
  • IEO management
  • Messaging system for Admin-User interaction
  • Content management system
  • Sign-in
  • Dashboard
  • Admin profit management
  • View/Accept user withdrawals
  • Support system
  • Admin bank details
  • View user Deposit/withdrawal history
  • View overall trade history

User panel

  • Trade history
  • Deposit & withdrawal history
  • User Dashboard
  • Wallet Deposit/Withdraw functionality
  • Home page
  • User sign-in/Sign-up
  • IEO launchpad
  • Support ticket
  • Bank wire Deposit/Withdraw
  • Margin trading with 2x,5x leverage
  • Security settings
  • My profile

Luno clone script cost

The cost of a Luno clone script depends upon two factors, the script provider you choose and the features you wish to integrate into the exchange. Integrating new features into the exchange has some additional charges, but it won't exceed the crypto exchange development from cost. The Luno clone script costs only around 4k to 8k USD. But if you start your crypto exchange business like Luno from the scratch, it will cost more than $130k this clearly indicates that getting a Luno clone script is the affordable option for an entrepreneur.

CoinsQueens for your high-end Luno clone script

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