White Label LocalBitcoins Clone Script – Overview

LocalBitcoins is a renowned, traditional P2P cryptocurrency exchange that evolved right during the initiation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies facilitating traders to trade cryptos without third party interference and regulations. White label LocalBitcoins clone script helps you to start your cryptocurrency exchange business like LocalBitcoins with the presence of all their essential features. In addition, you can add or remove any features or security options as per your business requirements.

The white label LocalBitcoins clone script is completely customizable that you can modify the UI/UX features or any other optimization as per your desire on any stage of development. CoinsQueens offers you the best white label LocalBitcoins Clone Script by understanding your business needs.

LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Vibrant Features of Our LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Our Whitelabel LocalBitcoins clone script comes with various premium features that makes your crypto exchange business more competitive.

Bug-free source code

We offer you exclusive LocalBitcoins like cryptocurrency exchange platform that is structured with bug-free original source code.

User-friendly UI/UX design

We have a team of dedicated UI/UX designers who are well versed in designing interactive designs that provide a great user experience for your crypto exchange users.

Multiple payment options

Your user can conduct their transactions through any means of payments either through bank transfer, or paypal, or any form of international payment methods among themselves.

AML/KYC transactions

User accounts are verified within a short period of time using our AML/KYC verification API.

Cross-browser compatibility

Users can use any browser to access your crypto exchange without any technical difficulties or latency issues.

Crypto price Ticker API

Our Price ticker regularly updates the current price of the cryptocurrencies and reports on your cryptocurrency exchange. It helps your users to cope with the current crypto market prices at any time.

Secured Escrow wallet

We provide you a highly secure escrow wallet account that you can manage so that your user’s transactions are conducted seamlessly without any technical interruptions.

Multi crytpocurrencies

Our LocalBitcoins clone script allows you to induct multiple cryptocurrencies that allows your traders to exchange for the coin of their desire.

Security Features of Our LocalBitcoins Clone Script

2 Factor authentication
Blockchain technology enabled
Login guard
Escrow security
CSRF protection
HTTPs authentication
SQL injection prevention
Data encryption
Anti Denial of Service(DoS)
DDoS Migration
  • 2 Factor authentication
  • Blockchain technology enabled
  • Login guard
  • Escrow security
  • CSRF protection
  • HTTPs authentication
  • SQL injection prevention
  • Data encryption
  • Anti Denial of Service(DoS)
  • DDoS Migration

Additional Features of Our White Label LocalBitcoins Clone Script

  • Cryptocurrency payment gateway integration
  • Big Bounty program
  • Margin trading
  • Referral options
  • Multiple wallet integration
  • Transaction history assessments
  • Cryptocurrency staking
  • Additional security options

LocalBitcoins Clone App Development

LocalBitcoins clone app contains all essential and additional features of the LocalBitcoins app as per your business needs. Our cryptocurrency exchange app comes with these exclusive features.

  • Instant Buy/ Sell Features
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Transaction History
  • Trade Chart live view
  • Geo identification
  • Referral Options
  • Merchant Features
  • Push notifications
 LocalBitcoins Clone App Development

How does the LocalBitcoin Clone Script Work?


Users need to register in your P2P cryptocurrency exchange to perform a trade or buy/sell cryptocurrencies.


Users will receive a confirmation email. Confirming the email allows them to buy/sell cryptocurrencies in your crypto exchange. Once done, the user can search for a potential trade.


The coins will be on the escrow until the trade is confirmed by both sides. Admin can communicate with the peers during the trade using the live chat option.


To resolve any disputes of the users, Dispute management is present and it is managed by the admin.


The trader can trade offline using the chat system. It allows the users to exchange locations and conduct the trade as desired.

Why CoinsQueens for LocalBitcoins Clone Script?

CoinsQueens is expertised in offering P2P cryptocurrency exchange scripts with a speciality in LocalBitcoins Clone Script. We have successfully helped many startups and crypto businesses by initiating their cryptocurrency exchange platforms like LocalBitcoins using our secure and reliable LocalBitcoins clone script. We help you modify the LocalBitcoins clone script in terms of design, working, features and the security options as per your business requirements.

We have a team of dedicated blockchain professionals and experts who come up with a suitable crypto solution for your business requirement. We use high end technology tools to create your crypto exchange that can help your business compete globally. Reach us to get your white label P2P cryptocurrency exchange software like LocalBitcoins instantly and kickstart your cryptoprenuership now.

 White Label Localbitcoin Clone Script

Frequently Asked Questions

LocalBitcoins is a popular and traditional P2P cryptocurrency exchange software that has a huge user base. Starting like one will help you grow your business organically and bring in huge ROI.
LocalBitcoins is a traditional P2P cryptocurrency exchange and has come up with various updates as technology grows. You as business people hardly find any other bitcoin clone scripts compared to LocalBitcoins clone script.
It is dependent on the extra features and additional security features that you want to induct into your crypto exchange. However, It will not take more than 10 days to deploy a clone script.
If you want to get an affordable, secure, and reliable LocalBitcoins clone script, then CoinsQueens is the best choice to go for.