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Bithumb clone script

The boom of cryptocurrencies has paved the way for the humungous growth of crypto exchange businesses. The reason is very obvious that people use crypto exchange platforms for trading cryptocurrencies which has created a demand for crypto exchange platforms. And not only the demand but there are also other main reasons for this huge growth. Starting a crypto exchange platform doesn't require a massive investment if you choose the right way to launch your crypto exchange platform. With a budget-friendly investment, an entrepreneur can get more profits from crypto exchange platforms because it has numerous revenue-generating models. It takes less time to start a crypto exchange business if you get a clone script.

Even though there are many crypto exchange platforms available in the market, only a handful of exchange platforms are running successfully. One among them is the Bithumb crypto exchange platform. Entrepreneurs wish to start a crypto exchange platform like Bithumb for various reasons. Let us see what are all those reasons.

Why start a crypto exchange platform like Bithumb

Bithumb is a well-known crypto exchange platform that is Korean-based. It has had a high trading volume from the beginning of its launch. It is largely used across countries like Japan, China, Spain, India, South Korea, etc. It supports fiat currencies for the residents of South Korea. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, and more than 100 cryptocurrencies are available. Bithumb provides 24/7 support for the users and a user-friendly panel useful for beginners. It has high-security features that make the exchange platform a safer place to trade.

Considering all these features many entrepreneurs wish to start their businesses like Bithumb. To create a crypto exchange platform like Bithumb, you need to have a Bithumb clone script that helps kickstart your crypto exchange business like Bithumb.

Bithumb clone script - overview

Bithumb clone script is a predesigned and tested software that can be launched instantly. It has all the basic and advanced features present in the Bithumb exchange. Bithumb clone script is fully customizable based on the business requirements. It has all the security options that are available in the Bithumb, which ensures the safety of your crypto exchange platform. When compared to other methods, it is much more cost-effective. Since the Bithumb clone script is ready-made, it can be launched within 10 days. Let me give the features and security options available in the Bithumb clone software.

Features of Bithumb clone script

  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Insurance on USD Wallet
  • Mobile Trading
  • Crypto to Crypto Pairs
  • Crypto to Fiat Pairs
  • Top-notch Order book
  • Minimal Trading Fee

Highlighting features

  • Advanced CMS
  • Referral Program
  • Rest API
  • Multi-Currency Pairing
  • Matching Engine
  • Trading Bot
  • Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API
  • Market Orders
  • Margin Trading
  • KYC/AML Solutions
  • IEO Launchpad
  • Mobile Trading Application for Android, iOS
  • Liquidity API
  • Atomic Swaps
  • Security Token Exchange
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Admin Console
  • Trader Console

Security features

  • Anti Phishing Software
  • Biometric Authentication
  • SSL Integration
  • End-to-End Encrypted Transactions
  • DDoS Migration
  • Data Encryption
  • Browser Detection Security
  • HTTPS Authentication

Business benefits of using the Bithumb clone script

  1. Period: It can be launched within 10 days because it is pre-made and tested.
  2. ROI: It has high revenue-generating models that yield more profits for the exchange owner.
  3. Customization: It can be customized completely based on your business needs.
  4. Cost: It costs you much lesser when compared to other methods.
  5. Features: It comes with all features and also new feature updates.
  6. Security: It has all the security options that ensure the security of your exchange.
  7. Support: It has after-deployment support, which is highly recommended.

Bithumb clone app development

It is not only essential to launch a web application for your crypto exchange platform like Bithumb, but creating a mobile application is also equally important for the success of your crypto exchange business.

Bithumb clone app development is also an easy process when you reach out to the Bithumb clone script provider. A Bithumb clone app has a user-friendly and impressive interface, making the user experience much easier. The Bithumb clone app has all the features from basic to advanced levels, similar to the Bithumb exchange. The customization option lets you modify the clone app based on your business needs.

Cost to start a crypto exchange like Bithumb

After knowing everything in and out about the Bithumb clone script, the next aspect that an entrepreneur looks for is its cost. Unlike other methods, the Bithumb clone script comes under the budget-friendly category. Creating from scratch costs around $130k to 1$150k. But a Bithumb clone script costs you only around $5k to $10k. As mentioned already, the cost difference is huge between these methods. This is the prominent reason entrepreneurs prefer the Bithumb clone script to successfully launch their crypto exchange platform like Bithumb successfully.

Why is CoinsQueens the finest place for getting Bithumb clone script?

In CoinsQueens, We have a well-versed team of blockchain experts, designers, and developers who work on providing the top-class Bithumb clone scripts. Our Bithumb clone scripts are completely customizable based on the client's requirements. It comes with a complete package of all the default and exciting features of the Bithumb exchange. Since it is already pre-made by our expert team, you can launch your exchange instantly within ten days. The cost we provide is also cost-effective compared to the others in the market. This makes our Bithumb clone script the best in quality and a budget-friendly solution for entrepreneurs who thrive to succeed in the crypto exchange business.

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