Binance Smart Chain Based BEP20 token development services

Launch your BEP20 token using our business-specific BEP20 token development service. Our BEP20 token is the best-in-class crypto token that functions effectively in the BSC (Binance smart chain) blockchain. Get benefited by the superficial features and benefits of our BSC backed BEP20 tokens built by our technical team of expertise. Our team use high-end technology tools to create the BEP20 token that would allow you to conduct any type of crypto fundraising model without any technical disabilities.

Our BEP20 token is 100% decentralized token that would allow your investors to invest without any third party intervention. Get your business specific crypto token powered by our BEP20 token development services based on Binance smart chain.

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Our BEP20 token development services

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization makes use of BEP20 as a governance token in the BSC framework and hence it is efficient to start your governance token with BEP20 tokens.

It is one of the mandatory attributes of token development and our BEP20 token development services make it easy for your investors to conduct cross chain migration.

Bridging the tokens is one of the significant aspects of the Binance smart chain and you can allow your users to conduct cross-chain transfers and bridge tokens to any blockchain using our Token wallet bridging services.

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Benefits of BEP20 token development

There are many benefits of starting your crypto token business with BEP20 token development

  • Staking and pooling options for users
  • Decentralization
  • DeFi development
  • NFT marketplace development
  • Validated tokens
  • Token issuance
  • Collateralized tokens

Features of our BEP20 token development services in Binance Smart Chain


The user can take part or contribute or participate in any other token exchanges that happens in other tokens in other blockchain.

Completely Decentralized

Our BEP20 token development services are completely decentralized and it allows your users to transact without any interruption from the admin or any third party.

Dual chain architecture

You can comply and operate with both the Binance smart chain and Binance chain as per your business needs as it is a dual chain architecture.

Proof of stake support

Our BEP20 token development services provide you proof of stake support allowing your users to stake and pool cryptocurrencies.

Validators incentives

The BEP20 referenced tokens will provide incentives to the token validators based on the processes associated with the Binance smart chain framework.

BEP20 and BSC token development process

Requirement analysis
Evaluating the availability
Selecting the framework for development
Development process
Inclusion of significant attributes.
Token testing and implementation
Mainnet deployment
Whitepaper creation
Quality testing process
Delivery to the client.

Why choose CoinsQueens for your BEP20 and BSC token development?

CoinsQueens is an outstanding token development service provider with their specialization in Binance backed BEP20 and BSC token development services. We have successfully helped many entrepreneurs and startups to create their BEP20 token and start their crypto token for multiple purposes like ICO launch, IDO, or STO purposes. We have a team of high-skilled professionals who have experience in providing client-centric BEP20 token development services within deadline.

We use high-end technology tools to create our BEP20 token and hence you can get acompetitive advantage in starting your crypto token with us that can help you tocompete globally. Reach us to get your crypto token that runs on the lines of BEP20token backed by the Binance smart chain framework.

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